4 Essential Water Resistance Training Exercise for weight loss

water resistance training

Water resistance training is a different genre of aerobic training where you are supposed to do your aerobics workouts in shallow, waist deep waters. The aim of this exercising session is to increase your endurance, burn more fat, and lose that extra flab that had been bugging you for long. You can try water aerobics under the guidance of your instructor or you can also follow our guidelines for the perfect water aerobic workout. Water aerobics does not merely confine to aerobics, but it also includes parts of regular swimming, Zumba, jogging, and yoga training, according to your individual needs.

Swimmers and fitness enthusiasts participate in water aerobic exercises to improve their track and field performance and also to strengthen their abs and abdominal muscles. There are many types of exercises that you can perform as a part of a consistent water aerobic workout. In this article, we will focus on three such exercises that will leave a positive impact on your abdomen. It will make your abs stronger and make you tad more fit and active. The exercises in this water aerobics routine are namely- cross country skiing, push-ups and sidekicks. You can perform all three of these exercises in shallow water that is about waist to shoulder deep.

Cross Country skiing

Cross Country skiing is a great exercise for working your upper and lower body at the same time. To perform this exercise, get to into chest deep water and then simply place one foot at the front of you and the other foot at the back of you, while keeping your knees slightly bent. You can also position your arms and alternate the positions with your elbows slightly bent. To carry out this exercise, simply jump and switch. If you are looking to add a toning effect, you can also hold a dumbbell in each hand, for working the chest in your back. You can perform this exercise for one to two sets of twelve to fifteen repetitions.

In other words, it can be said that the cross country skiing works into moving your limbs in the sagittal plane of the movements. This sagittal plane divides the half of your body in mid-line while it moves your limbs and spine in a forward and backward motion. For a complete and well rounded session of work out, you will also need to involve motions that move out along the sides in a frontal plane, mostly like a jumping jack.

Cross country skiing is an excellent water aerobic exercise because it completely tones your body and also because it does not impact your joint in any way. In a regular aerobic workout, even when you follow the same exercise, your joints are impacted in a certain shock movement. But as you perform this aerobics in water, it does not really have any gravity to force your body to weigh down up to the joints. According to most experts, the buoyancy of the water reduces the impact on your joint by eighty five percent. Likewise, it also plays a vital role in keeping you lean and fit all way round.


Sidekick is an excellent exercise for working out your quads, hamstrings, glutes as well as your inherent body core. You can perform the sidekick either in the free standing style or while holding onto the edge of the pool. To perform this exercise, bend your knees forward coming in towards and coming out towards your chest. Kick your leg out to the side. Bring it in, and back down. Right after this, you can try repeating the exercise on your opposite leg. You can perform one to two sets of twelve to fifteen repetitions of the sidekick on each of your legs.

In other words, you need to stand tall in chest deep water after which you will have to kick your right leg out in the sideways. While doing this, you need to extend both your arms to the sides in the motion of punching and during this time; your legs will kick the side-ward movement. Try this on alternate legs for about two to five minutes until you are completely fatigued. As you complete this exercise, take a break by either stretching or swimming a couple of easy laps.

While performing this workout, you can also add dumbbells for an additional arm workout. These dumbbells will further help in overall body toning and ab shaping. Sidekick is one of the best and most excellent full body exercises. While you perform a sidekick workout on a daily basis, your arms, legs and core will essentially improve. At the same time, your heart rate too is likely to boost up keeping you fitter and tad more active. Although this workout is slightly challenging, it is currently one of the best full body workouts which specifically impacts your abs.

Push ups

The push up is a great exercise if you are looking to work your triceps and your chest. Position your hands on the edge of the pool, a little wider than the shoulder width. In this workout, you would want to bend your elbows to that point where they are at the level of your shoulders or slightly above. Go ahead and straighten out your arms while pushing your elbows up and so your elbows are straight to slightly bent. In order to complete the movement, go ahead and lower yourself back down to the starting position. Here, you would want to make an effort to keep your hips back during this movement and in complete alignment with the rest of your body. You can perform one to two sets of ten to twenty repetitions of the push-ups.

Dolphin kick

All of the mentioned exercises are highly effective in working your core including your abdominal muscles. But if you want more specific abdominal work, you can also perform a modified or supported dolphin kick. To perform this exercise, hold on to the edge of the pool wall and allow your body to float back, so that your stomach is in the pool. Bring your knees in towards your chest and kick out to the back. You can perform one to two sets of ten to twenty repetitions of this exercise.

And this is exactly how you should perform water aerobics with abdominal work. If like water resistance training exercises, share this article.


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