Water Cardio Workout in Deep Water 


Water Cardio Workouts in deep water can help you break a sweat without putting your body under a lot of pressure. The low impacts workouts are great especially for the elderly who can’t risk putting their bodies under a lot of pressure. Exercises are good for keeping fit but can cause other side effects when they cause a huge impact on your body. Working out in water is a great way to avoid putting your limbs in contact with the surface. Bike riding, and swimming are god examples or low impact exercises. This article will go to greater lengths to show you exactly how you can use your swimming pool to perform low impact exercises that will make you sweat.

Remember when it comes to working out, it all comes down to working various muscles of the body while causing minimal impacts on the joints and bones. There are several exercise you can do in the water to get your body sweating and exercising most of the body muscles.

Water cardio workouts you can do at home

Before jumping into the swimming pool, you will need to have an aquatic jogger that will help you float the upper part of your body in the water. This means your legs will not touch the floor of the swimming pool. However, you must not take these workouts as a way of treating yourself from certain medical conditions without recommendation from your doctor. This article is a guide on how you can perform physical therapy exercises and not a self-diagnosis guide. The exercises will only work if you’re properly diagnosed. Being in the pool will help you work out well without putting your joints under any form of pressure.

Put the aqua jogger around your waist to help you float.
1. Bike riding
You have to get that heart rate moving by doing some bike riding in the water. The upper part of your body should remain straight without leaning forward or backwards. Try to ride a bike swinging your legs up and down as one does with the bike. You can do laps and go forwards as much as you want until you feel some sweat.
Water Cardio Workout in Deep Water
2. Jumping jet
This one is aimed at working out the muscles of the legs and the thighs. Keep the knees locked out and stretch your legs wide in continuous motion. It is a great way to work out the lower part of your body without putting any pressure on the joints.

3. Scissors
The scissors is better known as the cross country skip. Keep the knees locked out straight and try to make skips inside the water. Go back and forward severally to have all the muscles well worked out. It is a great way to exercise all parts of your muscles without putting a lot of pressure on it.

4. Try simulating a run
The last one is the funniest where you will have to simulate a run. It is a great way to work out when you cannot run die to painful joints. In the normal way you can run on land, try to simulate a run in water although you won’t be moving forward and backwards. This is easily done by bringing your knees up and moving them down again. This is not a circular motion as one with riding a bike but the movement of the knees up and down will greatly work the areas around the joints without putting any pressure on the joints. Drive your legs forward and backwards for some minutes and that would make for a great workout in water.

These are some of the best deep water cardio exercises for aquatic therapy and one you should try after proper diagnosis from your doctor. If you take 30 minutes every day and perform such workouts in water, then your well placed at remaining fit and healthy without causing any further strain on the joints. The elderly and people with problems in the joints for a long time have avoided working out for fear of causing more pain to the joints but that should not be the case. Cardio workouts in water are a great way to exercise without a lot impact.
You should be able to experience decreased damage to the joints, increased cardiovascular health and weight loss. Go ahead and try some today.

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