Water Aerobics Routine And  Abdominal Workouts For A Stronger Core And A Flatter Stomach

Water Aerobics RoutineWe usually enjoy reading our favorite books while sitting in a chair during our pool time and sometimes we dip our toes in the pool water to refresh ourselves without proper utilizing the pool water. Actually, by doing this we are missing out the best opportunity for serious workouts in the pool water. Water usually offers 12 times more resistance than air. So if we do any action in the water then it needs a lot of hard work than in the land and that is quite effective. For any kind of exercise we need hard work, so for true exercises, we can easily choose water as the medium, where we can do harder exercises, plus stomach exercises.


Aqua crunch variations or hanging the leg raise will only work for your muscles abs in the water but it will not reduce the fats from your stomach. To reduce the fats from your stomach area you have to do some extra things like treading water. The treading water usually burns around 400-500 calories per hour from your body and as a result, it will create some energy shortage in your body. Due to the energy deficit, some extra fat will be burnt from your body and you will find a slimmer tummy.


Treading water


Treading water is one kind of aerobic where we move our arms and legs together to keep us vertical in the deep water. It is also considered as a good, quality workout if you do the treading water aerobics where you can’t easily touch the bottom part of the pool water. If you don’t know the swimming or not comfortable with the swimming, then after tedious treading water aerobic always be sure that the pool edge or a life saver is very nearer for supporting you when you fatigue. There are two skills for treading water practice.


Scull Your Arms: First of all you have to stand in a little deep water for practice this skill, which is sculling your arms in the water. Practice this skill first in the shallow water so that you stand comfortably there and then you can go deeper. Here you have to move your arms around in the water by holding your wrist stiffer and sweeping your hands. All you have to do is first bring your both hands toward each other and then in a faster way bring those two hands away from each other. You have to do this process in a rapid fashion.

Flutter Kick: When you go a little bit deeper in the water where you can’t touch your feet to the bottom, you have to kick your feet like scissor so that you can float in the deep water. Here in this method, you have to point your toes and start kicking by keeping your legs straight. During the practice, you can either hold the pool edge or any floating device so that your upper body part keep straight and afloat. You can practice any one of these two methods while you are sitting or standing in a pool and do those practices until you feel enjoyable and strong enough.

Treading water exercise for a continuously 30 or 60 minutes is very intense practice and it will discharge all your energy. It is advisable to do the treading water workout with an interval of 30 to 60 seconds and then float on your back by holding the pool wall or by sitting on a noddle for an equal amount of time. Do this with 15 or 10 sets by taking intervals.


Push and Pull


You can use a kick-board to increase the resistance provided by the pool water and with the help of push and pull a lot of abdominal stability you can get to keep yourself toppling over as you push the board. Hold your kick-board flat and place your body on the kick-board in such a way that your chest part is totally on the kick-board. You can do this when standing your feet hip-distance in the water. Now you can push the kick-board in the forward direction and make your arms straight. After stretching the kick-board in the forward direction pause for a little and again pull the kick-board in the backward direction. You have to continue this push and pull process for 30 seconds.


Roll Out


Roll out workout is little bit tougher than the others and the workout requires a lot more control. While doing this workout always keep your chin up so that you don’t have to hold your breath during the exercise. You first try to float in the water by keeping your belly on the kick-board and stretch your body long in the pool. While doing this you have to hold the kick-board with your two hands and push it straight down toward the bottom direction of the pool. Always you have to hold the kick-board with your arms up by your ears, which will rise up to the surface of the water. Push the kick-board in the back downward direction to bring it to the starting position and do it 10 times with repetitions.


Also, there is some water aerobics routine which definitely make your stomach flatter. There are various types of effective water aerobic routines you can perform to make yourself fit and your abdomen and core stronger. Beside those exercises few more water, aerobic exercises include cross-country skins and sidekicks. You can easily perform these exercises in shallow water which is waist to shoulder deep.

Cross-country skiing is useful for working your upper and lower body simultaneously. You can perform this by just bending your knees slightly and one leg in the forward position and the another in the backward position along with your arms in alternate positions. Just you have to jump and switch. For abdominal toning effect, you can use the dumbbells in your hands. You can perform this exercise with 1 to 2 sets of 12-15 repetitions.


The sidekick is useful for your hamstring as well as for your core. For performing this exercise you just bend on the wall with the support of you any one hand and then kick your leg on the side by bringing it in and back down. You can also perform this exercise for both legs simultaneously. 1 to 2 sets of exercises can be performed with 12-15 repetitions be alternating two legs.

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