30 Minutes Pool Exercises For Maximum Burn Calories in Less than 90 Days


Pool ExercisesIf you are thinking that swimming pool is only a medium for relaxing, swimming and have a summer time fun, then you are mistaken. One of the biggest benefits of having a swimming pool is that you can burn some extra calories. And it is not swimming. The pool exercises can help you to burn some major calories and get a bikini ready body. So, if you are thinking that what the difference between normal exercises and the exercises that are done in the pool is, then read on.


Why Exercises In Pool?

Many people do not know but there are many benefits of doing pool exercises. These benefits are –


– It increases the strength of your muscles, balance and posture.

– It also enhanced the sense of well-being, quality of your sleep and even your posture.

– It increases the flexibility of joints and the mobility to a great extent.

– These exercises increase the fitness and also help to increase the endurance

– These help to ease down the stiff joints and even help to relax the sore muscles.

– If you feel tired and have pains then you can try this as it helps to reduce both.


This is a low impact fitness which helps in weight loss and fat loss too. It increases the resistance by strengthening your muscle.


Type of Exercises In Pool

There are different types of pool exercises that you can try for yourself. These are easy to do but have a great effect on your fitness level. It increases your endurance and decreases your weight and fat in your body. Here are the top 5 exercises that you can try every day in your swimming pool to get a bikini ready body in just 90 days:


Exercise #1: Sprint

The sprint is an easy to do exercise which is generally done in shallow water. The water level should be slightly above your waist. You have to sprint standing on the same place. Do not move forward or backward. All you need to do is to pick those knees up really faster and higher. Do it as fast as you can for better workout. Continue that for 30 seconds. You can really feel the strength in your leg. It is a much needed workout that you have to do in order to strengthen your leg as well as to tone it. While doing this sprint also make sure that you do your hand movements above the water. After this take few seconds break and start the next exercise.

Exercise #2: Push Up On Wall

This is another fun exercise to do. You need the support of one of the side for performing this exercise. While your toes are touching the ground of the swimming pool, you have to securely rest the palms on the side of the swimming pool. Then with the help of the support of the side you have to push yourself up from the water. This is one of the best forms of pool exercises that has a great impact on chest, triceps as well as shoulder. Then, once you have gone up you have to come down in the water again and touch the feet on the ground. Bend your knees and then kick your feet again to push yourself up from the water with the support of your hands on the side wall. Repeat this 10 to 15 times.


Exercise #3: Jump With Knees Tuck

For this exercise you have to be in the deeper end of the swimming pool where you shoulder should be with the level of the water. You need to make sure that you choose the right water level for this exercise as it is very much important. You need to jump up inside the water and tuck your knees in your chest and then get back to normal position. Then again jump and tuck. You have to repeat this for 10 to 15 times. Make sure you use your arms properly balancing and stability. This way you can get your abs workout along with your legs.


Exercise #4: Hurdle Jump

This is another great exercise where you will have to pretend that there is a hurdle right underneath your swimming pool where you are standing. Now you have to have your feet together and jump over the hurdle on the other side and then again jump back to the previous side. This you have to done side to side. This will help the lateral muscle of your legs a lot. It will tone your legs as well as help you to tone the waist line too. This is a perfect leg exercise that you have to repeat 20 times. This is also for your daily cardio exercises.


Exercise #5: Water Treader

For this exercise, you have to be in the area of the swimming pool where there is no touching of the legs on the ground. It is better if you can swim and if you cannot then do not worry at all. You can try the floaties for this move or exercise. These floaties are easily available in the market. Now you have to use the arms for floating on the water and try to extend your leg as much as you can. Just bend the knees and then extend the leg as if you are trying to run. But do not run. Stay at the same place and repeat this by moving the legs in the circular motion. This is a good form of cardio exercise. You have to do this for 30 seconds.


So, these are the 5 pool exercises that you can try out to get a perfect body for yourself in just 90 days. These exercise will help you to maximize the calorie burn. You will get a perfect figure along with muscle strength which is very much needed. Thus the women who are looking for the best calorie burning exercise to get a perfect body in less than 90 days must try out these five exercises. Doing it properly will definitely help you to burn a lot of calories every day and the best part is that it doesn’t take much time. It is even fun to perform!

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