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Aquatic Exercise Equipment is the number one resource for exercise fitness training equipment for strength conditioning, cardiovascular endurance and weight loss.

Providing great product, exercise and fitness articles and videos on Aquatic Fitness & Therapy Equipment also carries a full line of water workout products from swim-in-place equipment and aquatic lift chairs to underwater treadmills, cycles, stair steppers. Free Shipping is provided on all products even on such items as full-size spas, in-water treadmills, stair steppers and wheelchairs.

Competitive swim training teams and coaches, triathletes, even Olympic hopefuls will all find informative aquatic training equipment information. Fitness and training products reviews include swim-in-place equipment, underwater walking shoes, zero gravity wetsuits, floatation equipment and water aerobic gear. Also check out our aquatic video page that has great water wellness aquatic workouts tips from full-body training videos to customized rehabilitation workouts for those with injuries.

In addition to the aquatic fitness and exercise equipment, aquatic-exercise-equipment.com will have articles on complete line of pool and spa lifts for injured, elderly or handicapped individuals. Wheelchairs for beach access, exercise equipment specifically for those in wheelchairs, and a complete line of bath and shower chairs, access steps and ramps.

Gregory Goble of Aquatic Fitness & Therapy Equipment, stated in a recent interview, “I want to help everyone achieve a new understanding of how low-impact aquatic fitness totally conditions the body compared to other types of exercises. 90% of your body weight is buoyant when in chest high water so you are only bearing 10% of your weight during aquatic exercise.” He explains, “Aquatic exercise greatly reduces the stress placed on the skeletal impact points. Individuals will see a vast improvement towards eliminating trauma to the legs and feet.”

Scientific studies have proven the safety of low impact exercise. The benefits of aquatic exercise for reconditioning torn muscles and ligaments, and for soothing arthritic pain are considerable. Using water resistance to cushion and support the body during workouts provides the ultimate form of low impact exercise. More information about the benefits of aquatic exercise can be found on their website.